Dr. Ederson Augusto Zanetti

GCS Acting Chairman, and Scope 4 Expert, Fund-raising and finance for environmental assets

ederson-agusto-zanettiBachelor as Forest Engineer by Federal University of Paraná (2000), Msc in silviculture (sustainable forestry and land use management) by Albert-Ludwigs Universitat Freiburg (2003) and Phd Candidate on Sustainable Forest Management at UFPr (2011). Specialized on public and private forest policies, was responsible (2006-2009) for the Global Climate Change and Environmental Services research area at the National Center for Forestry Research – CNPF/Embrapa. Teacher of sustainable forest management practices and policies at the Brazilian Amazon and in the US, while a scholar-in-residence within a Fulbright program. Already acted as professional forester at 13 different countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Suriname, Bolivia, Ghana, Paraguay, Hong Kong and Italy), working at themes including tropical silviculture and forest plantations with native and introduced species, Reduced Impact Logging Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Certification (both FSC and CERFLOR/PEFC), global climate change and project development for Payments for Ecosystem Services (Carbon – REDD, REDD+ and HWP, Water, Biodiversity and others), biomass and residues for clean energy supply. Worked with energetic forest project, with the project of alternative species for bioenergy production and as an advisor for forest sector investors, nationally and internationally.

Already wrote 8 books, with 3 published and 2 on the print, introducing the theme of Forest Architecture for arranging forests within rural scenery. Currently working with IT R&D for timber ERP systems and ecosystem services evaluation. Ministers short training courses (up to 40 hours), on Environmental Goods and Services and Payments for Ecosystem Services, Carbon Certification (including REDD, REDD+ and HWP), Water Certification (including water banks) and Biodiversity Certification (including Biodiversity Banks). External reviewer of CDM Forest Methodologies (UNFCCC CDM AR ROE), active on supporting companies and landowners for developing ecosystem services projects, recently involved on public and private strategies for insertion of ecosystem services within production and services provision chains in order to enhance competitiveness at Green Economy (Natural Capital into GDP), towards inventorying of positive and negative impacts to ecosystems.