Technical Panel

The GCS Technical Panel (TP) is comprised of recognized global experts with specialized skills in the areas of conservation biology and economics. The TP is the highest constituency between the General Assemblies. It acts independently from the GCS administration and responds only to the General Assembly.

The role of the TP is to provide technical steering and guidance of the GCS, assist the approval of GCS documentation, methodologies, entities and projects, provide technical review / feedback of project documents and 3rd party assessment reports and assist in the awareness raising of the GCS and its partner organizations. Its functions are as follows:

The development and quality assurance of standards for conservation projects Assessment and approval of project proposal submissions Providing technical assistance to the development and implementation of the Conservation Management Plan Selection of authorized independent project auditors Recognition of the validation and verification reports submitted by authorized independent auditors Settlement of conflicts of interest between institutional members.

The TP is composed of four members and four alternates. The TP Chairman for the first term is identical to the GCS Chairman. In total, there are 4 member scopes:

  • Scope 1. Economics and politics of global change
  • Scope 2. Socio-economics and development
  • Scope 3. Monitoring of environmental services, including carbon, water, biodiversity
  • Scope 4. Fund-raising and finance for environmental assets

Technical Panel Meeting Minutes

Technical Panel