CR Floresta modelo de restauração de sucesso para se tornar um projeto GCS

SAM_0631The latest candidate for GCS approval is the Nicoya Peninsula at the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Twenty years ago, the peninsula of the Guanacaste region was near completely deforested, in order to produce cattle for the “burger connection”. Since then, a combination of market factors and consequent environmental policies have achieved to restore a large amount of the tropical humid, dry, and premontaine forests. Gerado Barbosa, director of the Foundation for Development and Conservation FUNDECODES is happy that the fauna has returned to the peninsula. Together with the National System for Conservation Areas and the state mechanism for environmental service payments FONAFIFO, his NGO has achieved to restore biodiversity corridors for species to migrate. “Hadn’t we initiated this process, the local consequences of climate change we feel today would be much more drastic”, he states. In summer, forest fires always constitute a risk for the fragile landscape. The local communities value their forests and the services they provide, as evidenced by the voluntary fire brigades, a system that has been functioning with minimal technical means for over 15 years. The purpose of the project submission to the GCS is to foster sustainable development in the rural areas of the peninsula mainly known for its beautiful beaches, but whose mountain trails are no less spectacular.

The field visit by the GCS took place between February 22 and 28, supported by GIZ, the German Technical Cooperation. The project now awaits approval by the Technical Panel.


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