First Annual Report submitted by FUNDECODES

The GCS conservation project on the Nicoya peninsula has recently submitted its first annual report for the year 2015. It shows good progress in both areas of intervention, the private natural park Karen Mogensen, and the mangrove restoration in the Jicaral community area, on the east side of the peninsula, which covers one-tenth of the Costa Rican landmass.

FUNDECODES, the Costa Rican Foundation for the Equilibrium between Conservation and Development, has identified and delimited the areas of activity respective to the Conservation Credit Units (CCUs) sold over the first year of project existence. They have also developed a marketing masterplan, aiming for an extension of the intervened area. A 10-year work program, centerpiece of the first-year conservation management, was subsequently approved by the GCS.

GCS Chairman Dr. Michael Dutschke declared himself proud of the conceptual work delivered by the Costa Rican partners, making best use of the modest budget and also starting to create income opportunities for local populations. „I am particularly happy that the sale of CCUs has contributed to improving the equipment of the forest fire brigade“, Dutschke pointed out.


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