2016 annual report from Costa Rican Nicoya project

In its second year, the GCS Nicoya project has been busy networking with other nature NGOs, the Tempisque Conservation Area (ACT) administration and the National University of Costa Rica. Among other achievements, a German government delegation visited the Jicaral mangrove restoration area, invited by GIZ. The research cooperation allowed to classify the mangrove species of the area and assess  alternatives of assisted versus active reforestation. In 2016, the first 8 channels were opened to regulate the mangrove hydrological period in Jicaral and allow for the tidal water to enter the most deforested areas of the mangrove. „The amazing thing is that you already see the difference, and even animals start to return“, FUNDECODES Chairman Jorge Vásquez explains. The previous shrimp farm area is slowly being reconquered by natural vegetation.

During the celebration of the World Environment Day (June 5) more than 200 native trees were planted in previously deforested areas . Adults and children from neighbouring communities participated in the activities.

During 2016, CCU sales already doubled. FUNDECODES had the opportunity to present the GCS at the 5th Environmental Congress of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Costa Rica, during a meeting with the Executive Director of the Chamber of Tourism of Guanacaste, a meeting with the environmental advisor of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica with the agreement to organize promotional corporate breakfasts with stakeholders and businesses in tourism sector in 2017.



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